Modular Kitchen


When you think of modern kitchens, the image that pops up is one of smart cabinets, drawers, rolling baskets, pull-out trays, and an electric chimney - altogether, a modular kitchen. With a variety of offerings in style, functionality, storage and space consumption, modular kitchens designs and accessories have eased every aspect of the kitchen life.

Converting your old kitchen decor into a sleek kitchen is an easy, quick and simple process. For a functional kitchen, durability along with functionality is a key aspect while designing a modern sleek kitchen. We use best kitchen accessories to give your kitchen a durable, impressive and elegant functionality. All the production and manufacturing is taken care of at the factory site, leaving you free from worrying about supervising labor in your home and disrupting your daily life.

All manufacturing processes are taken care of and you receive regular updates at various stages of it. Each component of your modular kitchen is easy to maintain and a high quality product that will stay trouble free forever. Yet, if you face any issues, you can rely upon the warranties and guarantees that come with them.


Types of Modular Kitchen

L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

L-shaped modular kitchen layouts are amongst the foremost wanted styles. they’re fashioned by putting workspaces on adjacent walls perpendicular to every alternative, so they kind a natural work triangle. These kitchens enable simple movement and may slot in, even in little places yet as giant kitchens. in reality if you’ve got additional house, you’ll liven your L-shaped room with a room island or breakfast counter within the middle which is able to solely up the practicality of your room.

U-Shaped Modular kitchen

Also referred to as the galley room, the U-shaped kitchen works well for spacious layouts where more than one cook could also be operating within the same room. The space options a horseshoe formed space wherever the work triangle is extremely well outlined and simple to access. If you’re one among those those who like some simple banter whereas you’re slogging it out at the stove, then the openness of this layout can charm to you. This room is thus designed that it permits traffic to labor under whereas keeping children and onlookers out of the most working space.

Parallel Modular kitchen

When it involves the first use of a kitchen, nothing beats a parallel kitchen in terms of use of house. This kitchen layout is thus designed that it’s 2 parallel operating areas that may be simply divided into wet and dry areas. whereas one among the platforms will have the preparation counter with the hobs etc., the opposite counter will have the washing space therefore keeping the dirty dishes faraway from the main work counter. This layout conjointly offers you ample house to stay your appliances and alternative room utensils. If you’d wish to be inventive, you’ll add cupboards to 1 of the walls and switch it into an island of types to make a additional accessible and friendly room space.

Straight Modular kitchen

Straight modular kitchens are apt for little areas. particularly if all you’ve got is one inclose your flat to use for all of your cookery purposes. A straight kitchen has no islands or breakfast counters and contours up against a wall. These kitchens have the added advantage of being simple to include into extensions and older buildings. thus if you’re thinking of renovating or revamping your house, do keep in mind to arrange well and see if a straight kitchen truly works higher for you than the other layout.

Island Modular kitchen

If you’ve been cribbing about having insufficient storage in your kitchen, consider a kitchen island. A kitchen island works to provide additional storage with style. It creates a focal point in a kitchen space, especially when created using a combination of finishes and colors. Island modular kitchen is well suited for homes that have a large kitchen area. It provides great storage for cabinetry, giving more drawers; pull out units, magic corners and cabinets. Island modular kitchen acts as an extension to the existing kitchen cabinets. Island modular kitchen is one of the best suitable ways to get good space for storage and functionality. The Island modular kitchen design also allows access from all sides and combines the important working areas of the kitchen into a single and modified structure. Apart of this, Island modular kitchen looks real beautiful in the center of kitchen.